Wednesday, 14 March 2018

How To Find an Accountant for Create A Successful Business

Accounting plays a vital role in the survival of a business. If you are running a small business, you might be able to manage it. Even accounting works seem to be easy. But, to focus or concentrate on core areas of business, you have an option of Find an Accountant. It is not the only the benefit of appointing an accounting but also there are so many other benefits of Hire an Accountant.

Benefits of Find an Accountant

Even if you are good at managing your business, you may feel the gap if an Accountant is not appointed. The following are the benefits of hiring an accountant:
  • If you are managing the accounts of your business without an accountant, you will miss many tax benefits while calculating the profit. Whereas, personal tax accountants near me knows each and every section of Income Tax Act and can utilize that knowledge to gain tax benefits.
  • Virtual Accountant can make reliable financial forecasts than you make about your business and also he can provide you with more reliable online accounting services of your business.
  • A normal business person handling his own business may not know the loopholes in the law which will benefit the company but find an accountant can do it easily.

Where Can You Find an Accountant for a Small Business Resources?

You can Find an Accountant from an Accounting outsourcing companies as they provide the most efficient services. Also, you can Find an Accountant whom you know personally. You can also get referrals from other business people as well.
While you are deciding to Hiring an accountant, keep the following points in mind:
  • Hiring an accountant who will meet your business’s specific needs.
  • Make sure you know your bottom line i.e., about your cash inflows and outflows of business.
  • An experienced accountant can push up the profit of your business greatly. So, looking for an experienced accountant maximum.
It is evident that a good accountant can make your work easier and enables you to focus on important matters concerning business. Since the position of accountant is important and it influences the business largely, take your own time and hire a person who is trustworthy.
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Monday, 26 February 2018

Running an Efficient Business by Accounting on Xero

Accounting on Xero is the means by which businesses can stay updated in the fast-moving world of technology. Gone are the days where traditional desktop accounting software. Stop searching for any free online accounting software or any free business accounting software, instead switch over to Xero.

Xero is online accounting software which is easy to use for various purposes. Before looking into the advantages of doing accounting on Xero and values which we can gain from Xero bookkeeping services, lets us look into some of the features of xero product:
  • Accept payments
  • Asset management
  • Adviser tools
  • Bank connections
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Business performance dashboard
  • Contacts and smart-lists
  • Dashboard
  • Expense claims
  • Files
  • Inventory
  • Invoicing
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Pay bills
  • Purchase orders
  • Pay runs
  • Projects
  • Quotes
  • Reporting
  • Sales tax
  • Search
Awards and Recognition:
To name a few awards with which Xero was crowned recently are
  • In 2015 – Best accounting software in the Cloudswave Awards.
  • In 2014 – Named as one of Macworld’s recommended online business accounting apps   

Benefits of doing Online Accounting on Xero:

  1. Flexibility to access, operate and run business finances from anywhere, anytime using any internet connected devices like computer, laptop, tablet or phone.
  2. Getting daily updates on real-time cash position from our bank accounts and credit cards.
  3. Doing business by collaborating with the advisor, bookkeeper, accountant and team and granting access to staffs so that they can do their part of the job.
  4. Generating and sending invoices along with the online payments, quick reminders for invoices.
Besides all these, we can also set tight control access to the information like:
  • Extra security at login
  • Controlling who sees what
  • Information always remains private
  • Get feeds from the sources which we can trust like banks, financial institutions etc
  • Tracking all the activities of who does what
  • Assurance dashboard
Xero is a software that has been created keeping in minds the needs and the requirements of the small scale business owners. you need to find the best Xero bookkeepers and you require Accounting on Xero, Rayvat bookkeepers would be able to handle that as well. All you need to do is set up a meeting and let the client relationship manager know about your needs and you will have a service offering set exactly as per your needs at the most affordable costs.
We at RAYVATACCOUNTING have expertise working on Xero Accounting Services. Rayvat Accounting is a firm that would assist you in providing high-quality Outsourced Bookkeeping Services within your budget.
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Sunday, 18 February 2018

10 Benefits You Can Turn QuickBooks Bookkeeping Software Into Success

QuickBooks offers bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll services through its customized software for small to large businesses. Handling your business through accounting software like QuickBooks can be proved to be very beneficial in the long run. While the QuickBooks Bookkeeping Software is quite easy to use, it becomes a time taking task to master all of it’s features, the easiest and the fastest thing to do in this scenario is to hire an outsourcing provider who would offer Quickbooks bookkeeping services

Why QuickBooks bookkeeping Software Will Help You Get More Business

1.Cost Effective
QuickBooks bookkeeping services provide affordable services that help clients in reducing their costs significantly in the long run.
2.Impetus to core business areas
More impetus should be given to core business areas in order to achieve business goals. It is, therefore wise to Virtual Bookkeeping Services with QuickBooks bookkeeping software.
3.Expansion and diversification
With the expansion of business, in the long run, huge records are required to be prepared. This job should be entrusted to QuickBooks that can manage a large number of records efficiently.
4.Accurate records
QuickBooks software helps to avoid even very minute errors. It is essential for a business that its books are error free and provide accurate information.
5.Payroll Services
Handling a large number of employee data could sometimes become difficult. QuickBooks Software Payroll Accounting Services provides a platform for businesses to perform Online Payroll Services effectively and help them focus on core business areas.
6.Increased Productivity
QuickBooks software eases the problem of managing investors, clients, and finances of a business in a timely and economical manner. This ultimately leads to increased business productivity.
7.Reliability and Integrity
QuickBooks software can be integrated with Microsoft Excel which enables it to import data from other sources and use it in QuickBooks software. Thus, QuickBooks software is quite reliable, safe, and accurate with regard to its services.
8.Functions in tune with the dynamic environment
QuickBooks software helps a business to work well in accordance with the latest technology. New features and improvements are added on a regular basis so that no financial issue of yours remains unresolved.
9.Expert assistance
No more worries with QuickBooks, as now your data is being handled by an expert software providing expert assistance to help your business reach new heights.
Every business has its own objectives that make the needs of every business diverse. QuickBooks software provides the option of customization according to the business needs.
Finding the right company for QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services is essential, as it is the partnership, that one would be needing in the long term to taste success. We will be glad to assist you ! Contact Us Here !  for help and queries.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Why need Online Bookkeeping Companies for Your Businesses Growth

Bookkeeping is essential for all businesses. It reduces the pain during audit and help in maintaining a clear picture of your company’s financial health. Keeping records daily will take a lot of time and the value of time spent on managing the books translates into a pretty expensive hourly rate. Through Online Bookkeeping Companies, you can get yourself a lot of time for making critical business decisions.
Bookkeeping is the process of recording and retrieving all the financial transactions and other information related to business on day to day basis. This method has been made virtual, Thanks to cloud computing.

Here are three reasons to online bookkeeping companies:

Optimum use of time, energy and money –

  • Business owners trying to save money by doing their Virtual bookkeeping Services or giving it to any other key employee are spending their valuable time and energy that could be used for consistent growth of the business.
  • By outsourcing the bookkeeping service, they get time to do whatever they are good at.
  • Office managers and non-account personnel should not spend their time in keeping books.
  • One of the significant aspects of doing business is reducing the cost. The cost of outsourcing the bookkeeping is significantly less than hiring a full-time bookkeeper.

Privacy and unbiased financial opinion –

  • Financial records must be kept secure and private. It is not a simple task to find someone who will stay with the company for long-term and maintain confidentiality. Outsourcing to Online Bookkeeping Companies will give a peace of mind as no one from the company will have any knowledge about the financial records.
  • An internal bookkeeper may get emotionally get involved in the day to day activities of the company. The external service provider has nothing to do with your business. They will provide you an unbiased insight into the company’s financial position.

Job done better by professionals –

  • When an unintentional error occurs while record keeping, accusations of misconduct can ruin business relationships. An owner might have to make a tough decision regarding what is right for him and what is good for the business.
  • If records are maintained by a professional service provider, there are very few chances of error, and if any error occurs by mistake, it will be taken care of the professionals.

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Find A Quick Way To Accounting Services For Businesses

Accounting services for businesses is a systematic recording of financial transactions which is used for interpreting, classifying, analysis, interpreting, reporting and summarizing the financial data. It does not just mean entering data into system, there are many legal and taxation aspects that need to be taken care of.
RAYVAT ACCOUNTING, one of the best place for providing Online Accounting Services takes care of all financial needs and have a global customer reach.

The advantages of different types of accounting services for businesses

  • Monthly financial transactions and Management reports: Both the financial statements i.e. balance Sheet and P/L are provided on monthly basis. Also, management reports are given with proper analysis.
  • Business Activity Statements: Timely activities of business are being stated, recorded and produces to the clients.
  • Bookkeeping Services: Accounting reports are being generated and provided to clients. Virtual Bookkeeping services include entering purchase and sales ledger documents, preparation of bank reconciliations and trial balances, and making of creditor, debtor and customer reports. Credit control and updates are also maintained.
  • Payroll and Superannuation: to ensure payroll, superannuation benefit payments are prompt and accurate. A time to time quality information in respect to their own management is being provided. Inquires are handled courteously. Security and confidentiality are ensured.
  • Accounts payable and receivables: Accounts payable are amounts a company owes and Accounts receivables are amount that a company needs to collect from its debtors. It includes managements of liabilities and assets.
  • Internal Audit Services: Internal audit of books of account is done and compliance assurance of various laws is provided.
  • Management information services: Performance of overall business is estimated through reports of ley deliverables.
  • Treasury and cash management: Efficient cash management is done to increase the profit margins of the business.
  • VAT Accounting: A separate record of the VAT you pay is maintained.
It is important to understand every business accounting methods to provide efficient Accounting Services for Businesses provided by Rayvat helps in identifying the financial indicators and performance.
Rayvat Accounting provides you Accounting services for businesses with innovative ideas to efficiently manage your money and help you in the process of growth of your business or firm. It increases your performance rate and helps you in decision making.

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Monday, 1 January 2018

Why Some People Always Make/Save Money With Online Bookkeeping Company

An Online Bookkeeping Company is a portal for outsourcing your accounts management and keeps the money circulating in the business in check.
As a budding entrepreneur or for somebody who is looking for an opportunity for the expansion the business, some accounting hurdles like maintenance of receivables, payables and payroll taxes can serve to be as major deterrents. In this case, Outsourced Bookkeeping Services can be extremely beneficial.

Here are some benefits of a online bookkeeping services company

1. Accuracy

  • Online bookkeeping company has well-informed individuals for providing excellent services to the hiring company. The experts are trained to make use of new technology including cloud-based tools for storing and accessing information.
  • It minimizes the risk of losing important records and maintains them in an organized manner.
  • The scope of human error is reduced as there is expert advice and relevant software services for managing accounts.

2. Saves time

  • Outsourcing to a Accounting Services company can help save a lot of time especially for small businesses where there are a lot of other tasks to focus on.
  • The time saved on accounting and bookkeeping can be put to other affairs while the quality of work is not undermined.

3. Saves money

  • The online bookkeeping company while managing your accounts also ensures efficient use of money coming in and going out. You never have to worry about errors in investment and giving out salaries.
  • There is a system of cost-benefit analysis to ensure cost reduction with optimum utilization of resources.
  • Having a CPA Firm bookkeeping service firm will cut your employee size as there will be no need to hire full-time employees for accounting affairs when there is an online bookkeeping company at your disposal for better finance management.
Rayvat Accounting provides you with innovative ideas to efficiently manage your money and help you in the process of growth of your business or firm. It increases your performance rate and helps you in decision making.

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

How To Start A Business With Cloud Payroll Services

What is better than finding all your concerned records in one place? Cloud payroll services help you keep up with the changing payroll charges, taxes and organize your data in an accessible fashion. Online payroll services can be accessed from anywhere. This portable method has impacted and altered several businesses for good.
According to, an online cloud-payroll service has several advantages which include Automatic updates, security, mobility, organization, and self-service. With multiple employees getting access to the payrolls, the process gets more transparent and hence, efficient.

What Can You Do About Cloud Payroll Services Right Now

While many multinational companies are adapting to the online payroll services, small Businesses are yet to be exposed to the advantages of Cloud Payroll Processing Services.  Small business owners who are just starting off or are in the developing stage of their business may not be fully aware of the legal obligations, other nuanced details about the Payroll services which is mandatory for them and their employees.
Information access can be tricky if not done right. For a quick check of information, going through bundles of files is not an option anymore. Apart from easing up the process, online payroll system also develops a better relationship with your clients due to the increased exposure and presence online.

Cloud payroll services include various services like:

  • Payroll processing
  • File and pay payroll taxes
  • New hire reporting
  • Integrations
  • Paid-time-off management
  • Employee self-service
  • Mobile access
  • Payroll reports
Not having Payroll special software still able to access information from anywhere on any device with the security check is one of the biggest advantages of outsource payroll services. There is no reason to hesitate from smoothing the process of a company. Though traditional operations still take over many companies, adapting to the new changes only helps a company grow and push them to be more efficient and transparent.
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